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Provider of large data storage and cloud servers with 99.99 uptime from the best hardware


High rate LCD and LED screens in different sizes from 14 to 39 inches with different bases


The best keyboard, mouse, speaker, webcam, microphone and other computer accessories

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Snow Techsoft

Snow Techsoft company was established in 2022 with the aim of exporting, importing and providing computer hardware.
The management of Mr. Bonciani Corrado is one of the managers and activists in the field of technology, who has many years of experience in this field.

  • Importer of the best hardware parts
  • Exporter of the best hardware parts
  • Guarantee the best quality by expert team
  • Replacement of used parts with updated equipment
Snow Techsoft
Snow Techsoft

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خدمات کارآفرینی موسسه K.A.P در کشور هدف

موسسه Snow techsoft افتخار می کند علاوه بر انجام تعهداتی که در قرارداد فی مابین به آن تعهد داشته است، پس از اخذ کارت اقامت برای متقاضیان در کشور هدف، نسبت به ادامه راه آنان نیز، خود را همدل می داند. ما ایمان داریم که به سامان رسیدن هموطنان خوبمان در کشور هدف می تواند با همفکری مثبت و مشورت های سازنده، روند سخت اقامت در یک کشور دیگر را تسهیل نماید.
ثبت نام در کلاس های آموزش زبان به طور رایگان، معرفی بسته های سرمایه گذاری موجود در کشور هدف برای اشتغال، مشورت برای ثبت نام در مدارس تحصیلی، خرید ملک، اجاره خانه و... تنها بخشی از فعالیت هایی است که موسسه K.A.P خود را متعهد به انجام آن می داند.


If you do not find the answer to your question, ask us

  • Will a desktop computer be able to connect to the internet wirelessly?

    Not all desktop computers will have the capability to connect to the internet wirelessly. If this is a computer purchased from Micro Center check the specifications on our product page under the COMMUNICATIONS section. If you see WLAN information, then your computer includes wireless capabilities. For computers not purchased from Micro Center, check the packaging or the product manual for any information ragarding wireless technology. If your computer does not support wireless, you may be able to install a wireless network card or wireless network adapter to achieve a wireless connection. Otherwise, you can use an Ethernet port to connect physically to your router or modem.

  • How should I connect a monitor to my desktop computer?

    If you have a video card installed in the system, you will want to connect your monitor to the ports on the video card and not use the built in video ports. If your computer does not have a dedicated video card, then the motherboard ports on the IO panel will work. Common connections include HDMI, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and VGA. You will only want to connect one cable between each monitor to the desktop at a time.

  • My desktop does not come with a DVD drive installed - how do I install software?

    If you do not have a DVD drive on your desktop computer, software is commonly available from the manufacturers websites to download and install. You are also able to get an external DVD drive and connect it by USB to install software from disks as well.

  • What kind of Microsoft Office comes with my Windows 10 desktop computer?

    Most commonly, the Microsoft Office that comes on the computer will be a trial version of Microsoft Office 365 which is a subscription-based service of Microsoft Office. When the trial period is complete, you would need to subscribe or purchase another version of Office to continue using the product.

  • Am I able to uninstall any pre-installed software on my Windows 10 desktop?

    You will be able to uninstall any pre-installed software on the Windows 10 desktop as long as it is not integrated with Windows 10 itself. You can check this out by opening your settings and going into Apps. This will take you to Apps and Settings where you can see all software with the option to uninstall.

  • What is Microsoft Windows Defender?

    Microsoft Windows Defender is a basic antivirus antimalware utility that comes integrated with Windows 10. Since it is an integrated part of the operating system, cannot be completely uninstalled, however it will drop cooperatively to the background if you install another antivirus or antimalware program on your computer.